‘Essentially torture’: leaving desperate people to languish in offshore prisons has hit Australia’s reputation, Julie Bishop [should have] said

In response to a week of national lamenting tampering with a cricket ball, I fixed the commentary from Julie Bishop. Article originally published on the Guardian. 

‘Essentially cheating torture’: leaving desperate people to languish in offshore prisons has hit Australia’s reputation, Julie Bishop says

Wed 28 Mar 2018 09.17 AEDT
Michael McGowan

Reports in wake of scandal suggest David Warner Australia has fallen out with rest of the Australian cricket team humanity Australia’s foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop, says the nation‘sal cricket team’s ball-tampering years of torturing innocent people seeking our help scandal has damaged the country’s reputation, describing the actions of the three players successive Liberal and Labor governments at the centre of the controversy as “essentially cheating torture”.

Politicians, commentators, the United Nations, New Zealand and former players tens of thousands of Australians have continued to weigh-in on the scandal after Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland revealed overnight yet another report emerged from an official visit to Nauru that revealed Australia’s inhumane refugee policies have left a child in a catatonic state.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Bishop said she’d been approached by “many” overseas high commissioners and ambassadors in Canberra about the scandal, saying international officials were “stunned” by the actions.

“They are astounded that elite sportsmen any human being in our country could behave in this way,” she said.

“Some are asking how could this happen? What did they think they were doing? It’s just not cricket.”

Asked whether the scandal had damaged Australia’s international reputation, Bishop said it had “in the sense that these were elite sportsmen representing our country subjecting innocent people to torture over a period of years generally does have some reputational impact”.

“Australia is seen as a country that plays fair, that plays by the rules [and] abides by the rules,” she said. “Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage destroy peoples’ lives for political gain… essentially cheating, is a surprise. I think people were taken aback.”

Speaking later on breakfast television she reiterated her criticism of her appalling government saying they had “brought Australian cricket into disrepute” and was glad they were being brought home from the tour.

Original article: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/mar/28/essentially-cheating-ball-tampering-has-hit-australias-reputation-julie-bishop-says

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