REVIEW: Nothing is Really Difficult

Originally published by Buzzcuts, Express Media. 

Niets is echt moeilijk

Amongst the colourful, ornate, decorate venues which litter the Garden of Unearthly Delights stands a big, upside down, wooden box. The spruiker out front, accompanied by a goggle-donning, chainsaw-wielding man on the roof of the structure set the scene for the entire performance – absolute absurdity, laced with constant anticipation for what was to come.

The show itself was a 45 minute morsel of sometimes absolute hilarity, other times a little unnecessary vulgarity but overall well acted and amusing mime. Three men, trapped in a box with exits that go nowhere and a plethora of props to create endless scenes with absolutely no connection to one another, is recipe for a bewildering and engaging show that leaves you wondering what on earth it was all about.

For the most part the show is family friendly with an emphasis on creative light play and a superb demonstration of what can be communicated through the face, eyes and, in this case, moustache alone. However, bottoms and (pretend) urination make a brief appearance which the children in the audience definitely appreciated – but their parents looked a little less impressed. So perhaps this is a show that you want to leave your toddlers at home for.

The first ten minutes of the show were probably the most powerful out of the whole performance. However, in its entirety, the short 45 minute show is definitely worth seeing. Three Dutch men, an upside wooden box as a stage that they build on site, chainsaws, undergarments and an EXIT sign… an amusing piece to see in between larger shows or to start off an evening theatrical delight.

“Nothing is Really Difficult” is a physical theatre performance on nightly in the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Pay $17 to be amused, confused and potentially pick up a free plywood souvenir. If the odd display of genitalia or a brief toilet scene will offend you this is probably not your cup of tea. Otherwise grab a beer and check out what on earth goes on inside that big, upside down wooden box.

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